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Bimini-Butler Assembly

Take out the checklist from the box.  Make sure you have received all of your parts. Using the checklist provided in the box and check off all your items.

A Base                  
B Mid-Arm
C Short Arm

In the box there should be your checklist, 2 base pieces, 2 mid-arms, 2 short-arms, 4 locking knobs, 4 camlock straps, 2 set screws, and 4 stainless steel bolts.

D Locking Knobs
E Stainless Steel Bolts
F Slides
G Set Screws
These are the camlock straps you're gonna use to keep the Bimini-Top secure.
H    Height Adjustment straps with camlocks
Put the base and mid-arm pieces together.  Make sure the teeth are lined together on the same side.  When the teeth are facing each other place the bolt in the hole.
As you can see we have put on a locking knob and inserted another bolt on the other end. 
Put on the locking knob for the base piece.  Slide in the stainless steel bolt on the mid-arm piece.
Now place the short-arm on the bolt and place the locking knob on that too. 
This is the Bimini-Butler fully built.  It is in the down position ready for you to cruise around the lake, ocean,  or river. 
This is the Bimini-Butler in its full and upright position.  This position is only to be used when at a haulted position for headroom.