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Part 2 : Installing the Bimini-Butler Adjustable Straps
Remove the existing straps from your Bimini Top. Remove the Snap-Hooks from your  straps . Pull the "cut" end of the new strap provided through the strap-loop on your Snap-Hook. 
Feed the same "cut" end of the strap into the Camlock Buckle.
Continue to slide it through the Camlock Buckle and pull it partially through. 
This creates a "loop" with the Snap-Hook on the end. Slide the Camlock Buckle down the strap until it is about 6" from the Snap-Hook and press firmly on the Camlock Buckle lever to Lock the Camlock Buckle in place on the strap.
Attach the snap hook to the boat with the lever of the Camlock Buckle facing away from the boat.
Grasp the loose end of the strap and "untwist" it. Wrap this loose end around the Bimini top frame at the same location where the former straps were installed. Note: There's usually a decorative washer and a screw that secures the strap to the top to keep it from sliding on the tubing. When you locate the hole where the screw was, this is the location where the strap secures to the frame.
Feed the loose end of the strap into the metal Slide. We're shooting for about a 6" loop here.
This is how the strap in the Slide should look.
At this time, fully extend your Bimini-Butler on this side of the boat to the maximum height. Attach the Camlock strap to the bimini top frame at the previous strap location. This usually involves the screw and the decorative washer we mentioned earlier.
Adjust the strap so it's fairly snug and putting a slight downward pressure on the Bimini-Butler.
When you feel comfortable with the strap length, cut off the excess strap, leaving about 2" to dangle. If you're not sure about cutting off the correct amount, run the system for a day or so and mark the strap with chalk as to where the cut(s) need to be. Then, cut the straps based on your experience. Complete the same process on the other straps.
Use a lighter to "singe" the raw edge of the straps to keep them from unraveling.